Our products are available to help insurers and brokers minimise the impact of flooding

Support policyholders with flood warnings

    • Policyholders can implement their flood action plan
    • Reduce losses
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Improve claims management

    • Mobilise claims operations
    • Fast track genuine claims
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Actuarial and underwriting support

    • Overlay forecasted footprints on assets to quantify losses
    • Task drones, satellites, and response teams to priority areas
    • Implement moratoriums on new policies
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As part of Previsico’s participation in the Lloyd’s Lab, a framework was developed to support underwriters in improving their loss ratios by taking consideration of the ‘preventability’ of flood losses when insureds are provided with Previsico’s actionable flood warnings. This report outlines the performance of Previsico’s forecasts showing a 96% coverage of observed flooding.

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