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Case studies

Working with partners, Zurich Municipal, to proactively mitigate flood impacts for their commercial clients

Zurich Municipal (ZM) is dedicated to serving a diverse range of public sector clients, such as housing authorities, charities, and education providers.


Zurich Municipal (ZM) is dedicated to serving a diverse range of public sector clients, such as housing authorities, charities, and education providers.

Their commitment revolves around fostering excellent customer relations while collaboratively working to mitigate risks. By prioritising the needs of their clients, ZM aims to provide comprehensive solutions that address the unique challenges faced by the public sector. 


Exacerbated by climate change and increased urbanisation, flooding is the largest natural hazard in the UK.

The impact on communities can be widespread and multi-faceted. When multiple impacts are not insured e.g. contents, public sector customers can have high excesses as a result. 

There is a growing need for the public sector to understand and mitigate the risk from all flood perils, including surface water and ordinary watercourses, which are not covered by most forecasting systems. 


Previsico initiated the provision of our flood forecasting services to Zurich clients in 2020, partnering with their client BT through a successful pilot that achieved a remarkable 90% data accuracy.

In the following year, we secured our first sale with a commercial customer in Zurich, marking the beginning of a substantial increase in the adoption of our service by Zurich customers. 

To illustrate, in 2022, our service expanded to encompass more than 100 Zurich Municipal customers, encompassing housing associations, councils, and schools. These customers now receive our forecasts, warnings, and data, empowering them to proactively take measures to minimise potential losses.

Read the full BT case study


  • Improved Flood Warning System: A benefit for clients is access to early and accurate flood warnings. Which would reduce the number of false alarms, preventing unnecessary mobilisation of people and equipment. 

  • Efficient Flood Action Plans: Allows mobilisation of flood action plans based on accurate information. This will enable cost savings and avoid large-scale disruption by reducing flood risks. 

  • Enhanced Claims Management: Improved claims management by using Previsico's Flood Intel Platform to enable faster processing of genuine claims, mobilisation of claims operations, and securing supply chains ahead of a surge in claims. 

  • Support for Actuarial and Underwriting Processes: Allocation of appropriate resources for rapid settlement of claims and customer support. This helps in strengthening financial planning and generating accurate loss estimates. 

  • Strengthened Customer Relationships: Providing customers with improved services will strengthen Zurich's relationships with customers, showcasing a commitment to proactive risk management and support during challenging situations. 

Surface water flooding continues to cause major disruption to our customers; our partnership with Previsico enables them to be better informed and able to mitigate the potentially devastating impacts of flood damage. I’m proud that we’re helping to build greater resilience in communities.
Amy BrettellManaging Director, Zurich Municipal