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Proactively mitigate and minimise disruption for hospitality

Protect property, reduce financial losses and ensure customer safety and well-being with our Flood Intel Platform

  • 24/7Flood warnings to keep you one step ahead *
  • x5Increase in flood losses expected by 2050 *
  • 33%Of UK commercial properties at risk from flooding *

Our solution for the hospitality sector: The Previsico Flood Intel Platform

A first-of-its-kind combination of technologies to forecast the types of floods that catch resorts, hotels, restaurants and other hospitality venues off guard.

Benefits for the hospitality sector

  • 48-hour advanced warnings allow time to protect buildings and facilities from flood damage and move valuable equipment, stock, and assets to safety.
  • Prioritise health and safety with early warnings to implement evacuation procedures, move guests and staff away from danger, and prevent exposure to contaminated water.
  • Promote emergency preparedness and highlight any need for staff training, new emergency procedures, and evacuation drills.
  • Facilitate timely and accurate communication with guests, staff, and the broader community to ensure a coordinated response and protect customer satisfaction/reputation.
  • Predict potential flood impacts with time to manage/rearrange reservations and prevent financial loss from last minute cancellations and unexpected closures.
  • Gain better insight into the likelihood of flood impacts, ensure adequate insurance cover is in place and reduce the risk of financial loss associated with repairs, replacements, and temporary relocations. Some early warning systems also contribute to lower insurance premiums.
case study

Working with our partners Liberty Specialty Markets to proactively mitigate flood impacts for their clients 

Previsico’s technology allows us to use data intelligently and integrate it seamlessly into our risk management portal for customers. This provides very real value to our insureds.
Carol BakerHead of Digital Strategy, Liberty Specialty Markets

Alert relevant team members of upcoming flood risks​

Have all essential team members receive actionable flood alerts when critical risk thresholds are exceeded to enable ​proactive measures to be taken to reduce the impact of incoming flooding. ​

Ready to start mitigating your flood loss?​

* View our sources list on this page.