Real-time street level flood warnings

The next generation of flood forecasting

Every storm is different, hourly changes in weather patterns can cause floods which are not detected using traditional forecasting approaches. Our FloodMap Live technology has been developed to solve this through twenty years of academic research. We model flooding in real-time using IBM’s Weather Company’s nowcasts and forecasts to deliver continuously updated warnings.

Helping insurers, businesses and governments mitigate flood impacts

Improve event response

Be on top of unpredictable weather with 48 hours advanced warning

Hyperlocal resolution

Actionable insight to help move people and property out of harm’s way

Tailored for you

Forecasts available via an API to your portal or through our visualisation tool

Tailored alerts

Alerts whenever location(s) are at an immediate risk of flooding

Rapid returns on investment

Software as a service pricing that delivers compelling returns without any capital expenditure

A globally scalable

Tested and validated across five continents over two decades of R&D

“This is ground-breaking work that will immensely assist our resilience community in making informed decisions for planning and response to flood events and impact”

Luana Avagliano

Head of ResilienceDirect at Cabinet Office

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