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Minimise the impact of flooding

Powered by world-leading flood forecasting and monitoring technologies, our Flood Intel Platform enables you to prepare for, act upon and prevent flood impacts.

  • £1bnUK flood losses per annum have now exceeded this figure*
  • 10xROI on Previsico's services is typical for large asset owners *
  • 70%Of commercial flood loss can be mitigated - Lloyd's Lab report

Addressing the flood warning gap​

Actionable flood warnings enable you to mitigate over half of your flood risk impacts. However, while flood alerts are available in many areas, these often do not cover crucial risks including surface water, smaller streams and rivers, drainage systems, and other water bodies. Previsico's world-leading flood forecasting and monitoring technologies forecast the types of floods that catch people off guard.

Surface water flooding continues to cause major disruption to our customers; our partnership with Previsico enables them to be better informed and able to mitigate the potentially devastating impacts of flood damage. I’m proud that we’re helping to build greater resilience in communities.​
Amy BrettellManaging Director, Zurich Municipal​
Case Study

How the village of Whalley prevented 100% of their flood losses

Who we work with

Utilities and infrastructure

Read our Lloyd's Lab report

As part of our participation in the Lloyd’s Lab, we developed a framework to support underwriters in improving their loss ratios by considering the ‘preventability’ of flood losses.

This is fully outlined in our Lloyd's Lab report which is free to download.

* View our sources list on this page.