Predicting and Preventing Flood Impacts

With our hyperlocal real-time forecasts
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The next generation of flood forecasting has arrived

Our cutting-edge live flood forecasting technology is underpinned by two decades of research at Loughborough University.


Most flood impacts are avoidable with the right early warning systems. Our cutting-edge modelling technology predicts floods which are missed by traditional approaches. We work with insurers, businesses and governments to help mitigate the growing devastation caused by flooding by delivering actionable warnings, data and analytics to enable proactive measures to be taken.

For Insurers

Reduce flood losses and
improve customer support

For Government

Improve resilience and
event response

For Business

Reduce disruption
and losses

As part of Previsico’s participation in the Lloyd’s Lab, a framework was developed to support underwriters in improving their loss ratios by taking consideration of the ‘preventability’ of flood losses when insureds are provided with Previsico’s actionable flood notifications. This report outlines the performance of Previsico’s forecasts showing a 96% coverage of observed flooding.

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