Real-time street level flood warnings

Enabling smarter flood response with our world leading forecasting technology

2.3 billion

People affected by flooding since 1995
(UNDP, 2016)


Deaths due to flooding since 1995
(UNDP, 2016)

$1 trillion

Estimated annual losses by 2050
(WRI, 2015)

Why use live hyperlocal forecasting

Every storm is different, hourly changes in weather patterns can cause floods which are not detected using traditional forecasting approaches. Our FloodMap Live has been developed to solve this through robust academic research with stakeholders including UK Cabinet Office, Environment Agency and the Met Office.

We deliver

Round-the-clock flood prediction

We model flooding in real-time using a combination of different weather predictions. These are regularly updated and calibrated to deliver the most up-to-date flood nowcasts and forecasts.

Street level resolution

High resolution products for surface water, river and coastal flooding are created using FloodMap Live– a leading software for flood inundation modelling, underpinned by over 17 years of R&D.

Tailored visualisations

The outputs can be delivered as an API, tailored alerts or visualisations over large spatial and temporal domains. Together with our customers, these are continuously being developed and tailored to their needs.

Real-time analytics and impact modelling

Plan and respond to flood risk through real-time alerts, infographics and maps showing the accessibility of operations teams.

Customer care

We offer workshops, customer support and training to ensure that our customers can get the most out of our solutions operations teams.

A globally scalable solution

The system has been tested in a variety of cities across five continents producing predictions for surface water, river and coastal flooding.

“This is ground-breaking work that will immensely assist our resilience community in making informed decisions for planning and response to flood events and impact”

Luana Avagliano

Head of ResilienceDirect at Cabinet Office

We would like to thank Innovate UK and iCURE for their help and support. Without their funding and encouragement, we wouldn’t have progressed so far in such a short time.

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