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Proactively manage and mitigate water risks

Support understanding of drainage networks, catchments and drive resilience into operations with our Flood Intel Platform

  • 24/7Flood warnings to keep you one step ahead*
  • x5Increase in flood losses expected by 2050*
  • 75%Of business with a continuity plan don’t include climate risk in their plan*

Our solution for water companies: The Previsico Flood Intel Platform

A first-of-its-kind combination of technologies to forecast the types of floods that catch water companies off guard.

Benefits for water companies

  • 48-hour advanced warning of flood events to enhance preparedness, inform response, and mitigate impacts/losses.
  • Robust catchment-scale flow routing and forecasting technology, delivered live and continuously across whole catchments.
  • Insight into wastewater drainage infiltration that contributes to network inundation and/or sewer flooding.
  • Enhanced visibility of overland flow pathways, their possible implications for the entrainment and therefore mobilisation of microbes and other pollutants, and interactions with watercourses at the catchment scale, to help reduce river pollution and improve bathing water standards.
  • Enhance understanding of plentiful water for rainwater harvesting and supporting drought events.
  • On-hand information to help triage customer calls and mobilise response during and/or after events.
case study

Working with Devon County Council and WSP to proactively mitigate flood impacts for Devon’s Highways

Due to the nature of their assets, infrastructure and responsibilities, water companies are unique and face unique challenges, that we look to help address.
Dr Andrew PledgerHead of IoT Systems, Previsico

Alert relevant team members of upcoming flood risks​

Have all essential team members receive actionable flood alerts when critical risk thresholds are exceeded to enable ​proactive measures to be taken to reduce the impact of incoming flooding.

Ready to start mitigating your flood loss?​

* View our sources list on this page.