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Proactively monitor and mitigate flood loss for construction sites

Prevent contamination, protect crews and assets, and ensure continuous operations with our Flood Intel Platform

  • 24/7Flood warnings
to keep you one step ahead *
  • £4mConstruction clients lost on equipment due to flooding *
  • 2ndMost frequent cause of loss during building projects is water damage *

Our solution for the construction industry: The Previsico Flood Intel Platform

A first-of-its-kind combination of technologies to forecast the types of floods that catch construction sites off guard.

Benefits for the construction industry

  • Mitigate flood impacts on site from surface water and nearby ordinary watercourses - perils that are not covered by other forecasting systems.
  • 48-hour advanced warnings enable contractors to take proactive and preventative action against equipment damage, project delays, disruption, and supply chain issues.
  • Support health and safety compliance and demonstrate good practice with early warnings to highlight potential flood perils and risk to contractors on site.
  • Reduce risk of unexpected repair costs, excess insurance fees, and replacements.
  • Support understanding of local drainage systems and pollution pathways to mitigate sediment contamination from discharges.
  • Drive efficiently though automated processes, such as flood sensor outputs feeding directly into critical control systems, e.g. SCADA.
Case study

BBV leverages The Previsico Flood Intel Platform

BBV are leveraging The Previsico Flood Intel Platform to effectively monitor water levels along the ordinary watercourse at the River Blythe Viaduct site.

We used the Previsico flood forecasting and sensor technology, which delivered a flood alert specific to our River Blythe HS2 construction site with 36 hours to prepare. In this time, we were able to move critical infrastructure including, a crane, excavator, sheets of timer, fuel cubes etc. This allowed us to mitigate asset damage during this event and safely demobilise from a flood zone of a SSSI River.
Rory GarryConstruction Manager, BBV HS2

Alert relevant team members of upcoming flood risks​

Have all essential team members receive actionable flood alerts when critical risk thresholds are exceeded to enable ​proactive measures to be taken. ​

Recent news

New approach to sustainable drainage set to reduce flood risk and clean up rivers

DEFRA recommends mandatory steps for the construction industry to mitigate flood risk and reduce storm overflow discharge on all new developments.

Ready to start mitigating your flood loss?​

* View our sources list on this page.