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Proactively manage and mitigate flood risk for car dealerships

Prevent loss and damage to vehicle stock and buildings with our Flood Intel Platform

  • 24/7Flood warnings
to keep you one step ahead *
  • x5Increase in flood losses
expected by 2050 *
  • 33% Of commercial properties at risk from flood​ in the UK *

Our solution for car dealerships: The Previsico Flood Intel Platform

A first-of-its-kind combination of technologies to forecast the types of floods that catch car dealerships off guard.

Benefits for car dealerships

  • Early flood warnings up to 48-hours in advance enabling proactive steps to be taken, such as setting up defences, clearing valuable equipment, and moving vehicle stock to higher ground.
  • Identify flood risk at your premises from surface water and nearby ordinary watercourses - perils not covered by other forecasting systems that catch people off guard.
  • Save costs by minimising the risk of vehicle repairs, showroom repairs, excess fees and storage costs.
  • Prevent against business interruption, supply chain issues, and environmental damage.
case study

Working with our partner Zurich Municipal to proactively mitigate flood impacts for their commercial clients

This is a product that can work in all kinds of scenarios. It has been a huge success and is key to unlocking flood resilience.
Jonathan NewberyHead of digital experience, Zurich Insurance

Alert relevant team members of upcoming flood risks​

Have all essential team members receive actionable flood alerts when critical risk thresholds are exceeded to enable ​proactive measures to be taken to reduce the impact of incoming flooding. ​

Ready to start mitigating your flood loss?​

* View our sources list on this page.