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Mitigate flood impacts for the developing world

Protect vulnerable communities and enhance preparedness with our Flood Intel Platform

  • 24/7Flood warnings
to keep you one step ahead *
  • x5Increase in flood losses
expected by 2050 *
  • ​2,000People died from flash flooding​ in Africa in 2022 *

Our solution for the developing world: The Previsico Flood Intel Platform

A first-of-its-kind combination of technologies to forecast the types of floods that catch most vulnerable communities off guard.

Benefits for the developing world

  • Minimise the threat to lives and livelihoods with 48-hour advanced warnings to move people, livestock, and equipment to safety.
  • Increase awareness and enhance preparedness towards mitigating flood risk, especially in informal settlements where the most vulnerable live.
  • Highlight the need for new/improved flood action procedures.
  • Promote independent, informed communities with less resilience on emergency response, and reconstruction efforts.
  • Reduce the financial and operational burden on aid organisations and federal support, potentially freeing up resources for other areas of need.
case study

How Radcliffe Housing proactively mitigated flood impacts during Storm Babet

Our mission is to mitigate the impact of flooding globally by delivering the very latest third generation flood forecasting technology to those who need it most. For us, this project is a fantastic opportunity to bring our cutting-edge solution to support the people of Kenya, with our partners, as part of our continued global expansion and CSR work.
Dr Avi BaruchCo-founder and COO, Previsico

Alert relevant team members of upcoming flood risks​

Have all essential team members receive actionable flood alerts when critical risk thresholds are exceeded to enable ​proactive measures to be taken to reduce the impact of incoming flooding. ​

Ready to start mitigating your flood loss?​

* View our sources list on this page.