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We Value Collaboration

We look to establish partnerships with the shared ambition of enhancing flood resilience.

Climate change is driving an increase in severe weather, with flood events set to become more frequent. In the UK, government warnings exist for river and coastal but not surface water flooding, which makes up the majority of UK flood risk.

As a result, people and organisations are exposed to significant  surface water flood risks that require constant monitoring to help mitigate impacts and losses.

This is where we can work together. You understand your customer’s needs and we have the world-leading technology, to improve flood mitigation through actionable warnings, delivered with notice, improving resilience.

We already partner with some high calibre clients, Zurich Municipal, Liberty Specialty Markets, Generali as well as Everbridge, Watertight, GWT Insight, Oasis Hub and Geosite, to name a few. 

If you would like to discover more about partnering with us, please email [email protected].


Partnership Benefits:

  • Enhanced value proposition 
  • Deepening relationships 
  • Enhancing renewal proposition
  • Shared expertise 
  • Access to enhanced resources

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