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Previsico, Zurich Municipal and Donaldson discuss managing your flood risk on the latest Instech podcast

Those proactive alerts tell our customers that it is likely at this point of the day, this property could see flood waters of this depth for this period of time. This has really enabled our customers to take very targeted, specific, proactive approaches to flood.
Allison WhittingdonHead of Housing & Health at Zurich Municipal

The quote above, from Zurich Municipal’s Head of Housing & Health Allison Whittington, is an excellent description of how the insured benefit from Previsico’s Flood Intel Platform and reduce the impact of flooding.

Previsico are excited to be joined by our customers Zurich Municipal and Donaldson Group on the latest InsTech podcast with Matthew Grant.

The podcast covers a wide variety of talking points including: The origin of Previsico, exploring the impacts of flood, the importance of early warning systems and operational challenges and solutions in flood risk management.

Allison Whittington, Head of Housing and Health at Zurich Municipal shares how they engage with us within their approach to flood resilience, currently having 100 of their customers using our Flood Intel Platform.

Matthew was also joined by Mark Murphy, Chief Risk Officer at Donaldson Group, who shared how they collaborate with us as a part of their proactive flood risk management.

The links to listen to the full podcast are below: