Sensor Solutions

To enhance our flood resilience solutions, Previsico’s depth sensor solutions utilise connected devices that provide high-confidence data on the timing and nature of flood events. 

Devices are set to generate warnings when flood water reaches pre-set thresholds that are agreed between you and our experts, ensuring devices are correctly configured in-line with your requirements.  

Our unique solution provides full diagnostics with each reading, meaning the data can be verified in near-real-time. This removes the uncertainty that exists around depth measurement reliability, and ensures full confidence in the data.


  • Receive email warnings enabling you to take action quickly
  • An extra layer of protection for your assets and property
  • Mitigate losses, reduce business interruption and avoid uncertainty
  • Fully managed service, providing peace of mind


  • Low-maintenance and research-grade multi-hazard sensors
  • Battery powered supporting up to 7+ year lifetime
  • Cellular and low power cellular communications
  • Over-The-Air device management and enhanced sensor diagnostics

For Insurers

Reduce flood losses and
improve customer support

For Government

Improve resilience and
event response

For Business

Reduce disruption
and losses

A radar-base connected sensor to monitor water depth and support at-risk communities

Read our one-pager summarising Previsico sensor solutions.

Early flood warnings for Whalley

Sensor solutions proactively prevent flooding in urban drainage for a Lancashire village.

Previsico protecting communities against flood risk

In 2015 flooding brought devastation to the village of Whalley in Lancashire, UK. This details how Previsico working with their Flood Action Group are working together to help make sure it never happens again.

The next generation of floodforecasting has arrived

Our cutting-edge live flood forecasting technology is underpinned by two decades of research at Loughborough University.

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