Email Warnings

 Receive email warnings when flooding is forecasted at your location, up to 48 hours in advance. This warning will allow you to take action to minimise flood impacts. Warnings include forecasted depth, time and duration of flooding.

There are two types of warnings:


Asset Warnings

When the location of an asset and forecasted flood intersect, a warning is triggered. Providing up to a 48-hour outlook of flooding for the assets at risk. This warning is delivered via email.


District Warnings

Used typically for county boundaries when a forecasted flood falls across the location of your asset. These provide a 48-hour outlook for the assets at risk. This warning is also delivered via email.




  • Actionable: Prior notice of flooding enables you to take action
  • Tailored for you: Customisable warnings whenever locations are at immediate risk of flooding
  • User friendly: Designed to be easily and speedily actioned


  • 48-hour outlook
  • Email warning summarising forecast
  • Multi-scale warnings (asset and district)
  • Immediate delivery via email
  • Includes depth and time prediction

For Insurers

Reduce flood losses and
improve customer support

For Government

Improve resilience and
event response

For Business

Reduce disruption
and losses

Flood Forecasting Solutions

Predict and prevent – Mitigating flood impacts through state-of-the-art forecasting and sensor solutions.

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Our cutting-edge live flood forecasting technology is underpinned by two decades of research at Loughborough University.

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