API Solution

Our API solution allows real-time flood forecasts to be integrated into your existing systems. This means flood nowcasts and forecasts of surface water flooding and small watercourses can be integrated and displayed via your own dashboard and email warning systems. 



    • Actionable Warnings: Call real-time flood nowcasts and forecasts so you can rapidly mobilise your response
    • Tailored for you: Flexibility to integrate data with any application
    • Data led: Build insights using analytics and data streams


    • Includes location-based depth/time nowcasts and forecasts with associated severity ratings
    • Property level resolution
    • Continuously updated real-time data feed 
    • Fast and reliable API interface
    • Seamless integration into your own systems 


    For Insurers

    Reduce flood losses and
    improve customer support

    For Government

    Improve resilience and
    event response

    For Business

    Reduce disruption
    and losses

    The next generation of floodforecasting has arrived

    Our cutting-edge live flood forecasting technology is underpinned by two decades of research at Loughborough University.

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