Enabling smarter flood response

Email Warnings

 Receive email warnings when flooding is forecasted at your location, up to 48 hours in advance. This warning will allow you to take action to minimise flood impacts. Warnings include forecasted depth, time and duration of flooding.

There are two types of warnings:


Asset Warnings

When the location of an asset and forecasted flood intersect, a warning is triggered. Providing up to a 48-hour outlook of flooding for the assets at risk. This warning is delivered via email.


District Warnings

Used typically for county boundaries when a forecasted flood falls across the location of your asset. These provide a 48-hour outlook for the assets at risk. This warning is also delivered via email.




  • Actionable: Prior notice of flooding enables you to take action
  • Tailored for you: Customisable warnings whenever locations are at immediate risk of flooding
  • User friendly: Designed to be easily and speedily actioned


  • 48-hour outlook
  • Email warning summarising forecast
  • Multi-scale warnings (asset and district)
  • Immediate delivery via email
  • Includes depth and time prediction

Flood Dashboard

The Flood Dashboard displays our unique nowcasts and forecasts in an easy to view format, accessed from anywhere via your web browser.

Our Flood Dashboard enables you to visualise how a flood situation evolves hourly across a 48-hour period. Government warnings for main river and coastal flooding are presented alongside Previsico’s forecasted outputs for surface water and ordinary water course flooding, providing users a holistic overview of multiple flood perils to support event response coordination.

This platform provides you with the tools you need to prepare and respond to a flood event.



  • View real-time flood data from Previsico and other multiple sources to help make decisions
  • Tailored platform: You can select what you want to view
  • Coordinated approach with the flood response  e.g. in respect to emergency vehicles, the control centre can assess which infrastructure may be impacted most and select the best access routes


  • Easy-to-view flood information at your fingertips.
  • Forecasts include an alert level and message outlining the nature of the risk
  • Shows Previsico forecast alongside existing government alerts including EA, SEPA and NRW alerts
  • All your assets in one place
  • Additional widgets enable such as hillshade maps enable further inspection of events
  • Accessible 24/7


 API Solution

Our API solution allows real-time flood forecasts to be integrated into your existing systems. This means flood nowcasts and forecasts of surface water flooding and small watercourses can be integrated and displayed via your own dashboard and email warning systems. 



    • Actionable Warnings: Call real-time flood nowcasts and forecasts so you can rapidly mobilise your response
    • Tailored for you: Flexibility to integrate data with any application
    • Data led: Build insights using analytics and data streams


    • Includes location-based depth/time nowcasts and forecasts with associated severity ratings
    • Property level resolution
    • Continuously updated real-time data feed 
    • Fast and reliable API interface
    • Seamless integration into your own systems 


    Sensor Solutions

    To enhance our flood resilience solutions, Previsico’s depth sensor solutions utilise connected devices that provide high-confidence data on the timing and nature of flood events. 

    Devices are set to generate warnings when flood water reaches pre-set thresholds that are agreed between you and our experts, ensuring devices are correctly configured in-line with your requirements.  

    Our unique solution provides full diagnostics with each reading, meaning the data can be verified in near-real-time. This removes the uncertainty that exists around depth measurement reliability, and ensures full confidence in the data.



    • Receive email warnings enabling you to take action quickly
    • An extra layer of protection for your assets and property
    • Mitigate losses, reduce business interruption and avoid uncertainty
    • Fully managed service, providing peace of mind


    • Low-maintenance and research-grade multi-hazard sensors
    • Battery powered supporting up to 7+ year lifetime
    • Cellular and low power cellular communications
    • Over-The-Air device management and enhanced sensor diagnostics

    For Insurers

    Reduce flood losses and
    improve customer support

    For Government

    Improve resilience and
    event response

    For Business

    Reduce disruption
    and losses

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