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The Previsico Flood Intel Platform

Confidently prepare for and take action to mitigate flood impacts

Flood Dashboard illustration

What is included in the Flood Intel Platform?

A first of its kind solution which uses a combination of technologies to forecast the types of flood events that catch people off guard.

Surface water flood forecasts

  • Helping you prepare up to 48 hours in advance of property risks driven by Previsico’s live hydrodynamic modelling technology.

  • Provided using algorithmic technology based on two decades of published research.

Drainage and watercourse monitoring

  • Continuous monitoring and full diagnostics of local drainage, streams and watercourses.

  • Get notified ahead of incidents by Previsico’s proprietary on-site sensors that can be installed in a variety of locations.

  • Visualise the data using our sensor dashboard.

Other feeds including governmental river, coastal and flood alerts and weather advisories

  • Government authorities provide flood warnings for main rivers and coastal flooding.

  • Our flood intel platform allows you to view existing government alerts alongside Previsico’s surface water flood forecasts for an all – in-one flood alerting platform.

Flood Dashboard

  • Displays surface water flood forecasts, on-site sensor alerts and other weather feeds for your property.

  • Predicted time and depth of flooding up to 48 hours in advance and visualises all the data to help analyse your risk.

Flood Dashboard illustration
Most flood impacts are avoidable. With actionable flood warnings showing depths and timings of events, people and organisations have the tools they need to mitigate loss.

Uses of our Flood Intel Platform

Previsico’s Flood Intel Platform is used by customers across a range of industries to help mitigate flood impacts.

Surface water flooding continues to cause major disruption to our customers; our partnership with Previsico enables them to be better informed and able to mitigate the potentially devastating impacts of flood damage. I’m proud that we’re helping to build greater resilience in communities.
Amy BrettellManaging Director, Zurich Municipal

Ready to start mitigating your flood loss?