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Reflecting on a record year, Previsico looks to the future…

Reflecting on a record year, Previsico looks to the future…

It has been a transformational year for Previsico, with big steps in our service and product offering to ensure the technical specification of our modelling remains second to none.

Currently providing flood forecasting solutions for surface water and small rivers, serving the majority of the UK’s top 10 insurers. We are proud of this as it proves our ability to predict and protect against flood impacts, for the benefit of communities and businesses.

2022 was a good year

2022 certainly kept us busy; we added some major new insurer clients to our roster, grew our expert team, launched into the US market, and were listed for some prestigious international awards. We also added some cutting-edge new data sources to deliver even more accurate flood predictions.

But 2023 will be even better

We have experienced a flood of enquiries from potential clients, investors, and partners, who are impressed by the traction we have made with such clients as Zurich, Liberty Speciality Markets and Generali. These insurers value our service as it enables them to help their clients to mitigate losses – a win-win for everyone involved.

Looking ahead to 2023, we will build on our new partnerships, signed in 2022, to extend our services and reach, including with Acies, Everbridge, Geosite, GWTInsight, Watertight International, and DU Live. Terrific partners, who we value highly.

This year will also see the continued enhancement of new data sources, including the continued roll-out of our IoT devices, which boosts our flood risk insights on the ground, either as a part of our overall solution, or on a standalone basis. In October, we were able to alert the flood wardens in Whalley, Lancashire, enabling them to stop the flood using the sensors. Watch the video to see how we work together with the local council and Flood Action Group to mitigate flood risks.

We extended our reach into the US, where flooding is a huge issue. In 2023, we will be building on this success working closely with prestigious partners including -Nexus Alpha, Geosite and Everbridge.

2023 will see more product enhancements at Previsico, increased technical specification, and improved customer service. We will also look to expand with the same strategy of seeking cohesive and aligned partners to work together on filling the gap in the flood mitigation environment.

All in all, 2023 is shaping up to be another important year for Previsico and our stakeholders, and we look forward to protecting more people and business worldwide from the increased risk of flooding.