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Previsico in Intelligent Insurer HOT list of 100 Insuretechs

Following on from the successful pilots of Previsico’s flood forecasting technology with the Cabinet Office and its launch into to the insurance industry, Previsico has been listed in Intelligent Insurer #InsurTech Hot 100. The prestigious list includes exciting startups including Lemonade, B3i, FloodFlash and GWT Insight.

As the insurance industry’s burgeoning insurtech sector shows no sign of slowing down, Intelligent Insurer have spent months compiling a list of 100 insurtech firms which have the potential to transform the industry—and thus to succeed as companies in their own right. This list was compiled based on the results of a global online survey which prompted our readers to nominate companies they have been impressed with. This was complemented by the work of our in-house research team and the knowledge of our editorial staff. The companies featured here are of all sizes and many are far from startups—what they have in common is their ability to make a tangible and positive difference to aspects of the risk transfer industry globally.

The full list is available here