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Previsico forms partnership with the National Emergencies Trust to provide vital support for flood event response

Previsico has now formed a non-commercial partnership with The National Emergencies Trust to provide critical information which will help decide when and where to launch an emergency fundraising appeal for people affected by flooding, reducing major consequences on lives and livelihoods across the United Kingdom.

The National Emergencies Trust is an independent body that is trusted to work collaboratively to raise and distribute funds fast and fairly at a time of a domestic disaster, including major flooding. The charity was formed in 2019, in response to a series of domestic emergencies in 2017 and launched its first appeal in March 2020 – raising nearly £100m from the public and private sector to support people and communities affected by the Coronavirus Pandemic. Speed is crucial when launching appeals so that the public’s generosity can be quickly and safely harnessed and people can receive timely support; and its team monitors emerging situations closely.

By utilizing Previsico’s actionable flood alerts the National Emergencies Trust will be able to make better informed and more accurate decisions around appeals for major flooding events. The outcome being a rapid event response as Previsico’s hyperlocal real-time flood predictions allow the National Emergencies Trust to launch appeals, mobilise resources more efficiently and ensure support is received by those who need it the most in worst affected areas.

Previsico’s unique real-time modelling provides early warning information to a host of different organizations from both the public and private sector. Our ability to forecast surface water flooding is vital in strengthening preparedness and building resilience. Having an accurate advance warning detailing depths and times of flood gives people enough time to deploy crucial flood defences before a flood occurs, limiting the damage to people and property.

The National Emergencies Trust, as part of the partnership, will support Previsico where appropriate in illustrating how its forecasting system can support event response. Helping provide valuable information on how the cutting-edge technology can be applied to real-life scenarios to reduce vulnerability for communities at risk.

To find out more about the National Emergencies Trust visit