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Predict & Prevent Podcast with Co-Founder Dr Avi Baruch

Changes in climate and land use are escalating flood impacts – particularly in areas previously unaffected by flooding. Flooding causes over $40 billion in damages worldwide each year and FEMA has classified 9 million US properties as having a substantial flood risk, but actionable flood warnings enable you to mitigate over half of your flood risk impacts. 🌊

In the latest episode of the Predict & Prevent podcast from The Institutes, Peter Miller speaks with our Co-Founder, Dr Avi Baruch , where they discuss the growing flood problem and the different types of flooding, the recent flooding in Dubai and how technology can provide early flood warnings to organisations across all sectors to allow for flood impacts to be prevented.

Avi also provides an insight on how our Flood Intel Platform uses live hydrodynamic modelling and IoT sensors to forecast where surface water/flash flooding could occur, giving customers early warnings as much as 48 hours in advance.

🔊 Listen and learn more about the importance of event-specific modelling and getting early warnings in the hands of frontline teams that can take steps to mitigate flood risks.