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Joe and Amelia join Previsico on industrial placements

Due to Previsico’s close relationship with Loughborough University, the company seeks to provide internships and placements to the University’s students. This year, placements have been offered to two second year Geography undergraduate students, providing them with an invaluable opportunity to undertake a year in industry as part of their degree programme. 

The first placement was offered to Joe, whose role will center around data sourcing and processing for Previsico’s expansion into U.S. markets. He is working alongside Flood Modeller Matthew Farnham, who is offering guidance and aiding his development. We look forward to seeing his skills develop and having him contribute to the team. 

“I was very excited to receive my placement offer from Previsico, and it has exceeded my expectations entirely. It has been a valuable experience working in a developing start-up company, as the role has been dynamic and there are lots of different opportunities to be involved with. Despite the challenges of working remotely, I was welcomed warmly by the team and have received plenty of support whilst settling in, as well as learning a lot from Matthew. I’m still yet to win a Friday afternoon quiz though!” 

A second placement has also been offered to Amelia. Her role is developing rapidly and she was originally positioned to work closely with Laura Whyte, who is a GIS Analyst, to collect data and validate the surface water flood forecasting model. She is now embarking with a focus on sales and marketing for the company, whilst still also providing additional support to the GIS Team in order to collect data and validate the model which is crucial to improve its accuracy and effectiveness.

“I am really enjoying my time at Previsico and am excited to continue working with the team, who have been so supportive and friendly. I have gained valuable skills working closely with the GIS Team whichI believe will be of great help when entering my final year at University and beyond. I am thoroughly excited to see the opportunities that arise for the company as it continues to flourish and develop further.”