Depth Sensor

Previsico Depth Sensor

Sensors are critically important in the context of hazard detection – providing high-confidence data on the timing and nature of an event to inform emergency response. Previsico uses sensors in a variety of ways:

  • Sensors provide an extra level of flood protection for high-risk communities and assets
  • Devices can be used to monitor known but un-monitored and difficult to model sources of flood e.g. screened culverts and groundwater sources.
  • High-confidence sensor data delivered in near-real-time are used to drive improvements in Previsico’s core forecasting technology

A connected depth sensor solution

The most common flood-related parameter we measure is water depth. We achieve this through our connected depth sensor solution that utilises research-grade instruments, providing clients the confidence to act during a flood event. Different sensor types – including radar and pressure transducer technologies – are used for different applications. This solution is uniquely designed for near-real-time monitoring of different event types, including rapid-onset events e.g. flash floods in above, or below-ground locations. Changes in the level of other media including, for example, soil due to land surface erosion, can also be measured.

What sets Previsico’s Depth Sensor apart?

Most commercially available sensor-based solutions are unsuitable for long-term use without regular and often costly maintenance e.g. associated with battery replacement and re-calibration. Previsico’s solution overcomes this by combining Over The Air (OTA) power planning and dynamic sampling capabilities to support up to 7+ years battery life, even when sampling and submitting data at high frequencies.

Devices can be configured to generate notifications when flood water reaches pre-set thresholds that are agreed upon between the customer and Previsico’s experts, ensuring devices are configured as per customer requirements. The unique solution provides full diagnostics with each reading, meaning the data can be verified in near-real-time. This removes the guessing game that exists around depth measurement reliability, and ensures the client has full confidence in the data.

Previsico uniquely offers a managed service that includes device requirement capture, installation, configuration and maintenance to ensure devices are always set up and working as required, mitigating risks for clients.

Previsico Depth Sensor — benefits:

  • Receive bespoke notifications to take action
  • An extra layer of protection for your assets and property
  • Mitigate losses, reduce business interruption and avoid uncertainty
  • Measure the physical environment
  • Fully managed service for devices

Previsico Depth Sensor — features:

  • Affordable, low-maintenance and research-grade multi-hazard sensors
  • Battery powered supporting up to 7+ year lifetime
  • Cellular and low power cellular communications
  • Over-The-Air device management and enhanced sensor diagnostics
  • Access to Previsico’s Flood Dashboard and Notifications