In 2023, CRH Ventures launched its Water Solutions Accelerator Programme to help identify emerging and innovative technologies across the water ecosystem.

Previsico are honoured to be announced as one of the six successful companies to emerge from the programme, being recognised for our significant advances in addressing key challenges across surface water flood monitoring and prediction.

The CRH Ventures Accelerator for Water Solutions is designed to accelerate the most promising solutions that address the challenges of water management. With the backing of CRH, the global leader in building materials solutions, the programme allows startups to partner with CRH operating companies and pilot their solutions gaining access to 50+ years of technical expertise.

CRH Ventures seeks solutions that address three main water management challenges, including stormwater, wastewater and potable water.

We are very grateful to CRH and CRH Ventures, a global leader in building materials solutions, for the opportunity to be a part of this programme along with Aquality Trading & Consulting LtdDatatecnicsFluidion, and FSC- Innovative Structural Technologies.

Discover more about the programme and the six companies selected here:

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