Matthew Farnham latest to join Previsico as a Flood Modeller

We’re excited to announce that Matthew Farnham has joined the Previsico team as the new Flood Modeller. Matthew Farnham, who previously studied Physical Geography at Aberystwyth University and has since gained valuable experience working in the field of GIS and flood modelling for several technology companies including Ambiental and Bluesky.

He has joined us just in time for the launch of the UK FloodMap Live product, which we are launching to build on the success our recent pilots with the Cabinet Office. His previous experiences and technical knowledge of the science of environmental processes bring real firepower to the team. Not only is Matthew enjoying working on products in the UK but he is also helping set up FloodMap Live in Indonesia, the US and looking into expanding our global reach further.

Previsico CEO Jonathan Jackson said: “Matthew is a great addition to the growing Previsico team. His background and expertise and passion for GIS and flood modelling will allow him to achieve great things here”

We look forward to his invaluable contributions to the team!

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