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Case studies

Partnering with Liberty Specialty Markets to help South Caernarfon Creameries proactively mitigates flood impacts  

South Caernarfon Creameries (SCC) is a leading farmer-owned dairy co-operative with two industrial units on either side of the river Afon Erch in Gwynedd.


South Caernarfon Creameries (SCC) is a leading farmer-owned dairy co-operative with two industrial units on either side of the river Afon Erch in Gwynedd. There is a low bridge over the river which can get blocked by debris during heavy rainfall and cause some local flooding.  


Flooding can have many implications on the whole SCC industrial site and wider community:  

  • Disruption to Production: Flooding can lead to the shutdown of operations, causing a significant loss of production time. Floods might also impact the transportation and supply chain, disrupting the flow of raw materials. 

  • Business Impact: The disruptions in production and supply can result in substantial financial losses for the SCC. 

  • Local Community Impact: SCC is a major employer in the local community, production disruptions may lead to temporary or permanent job losses. This can have a ripple effect on the livelihoods of individuals and families in the area. 

  • Economic Implications: The flooding can cause damage to physical assets, £15m worth of stock and other infrastructure. The costs associated with repairing or replacing these assets can be substantial. 

  • Environmental Impact: Floodwaters can carry pollutants, chemicals, and hazardous materials, leading to environmental contamination. This can have long-term effects on local ecosystems, water sources, and air quality. 

  • Insurance Costs and Premiums: Flood damage may result in increased insurance premiums for the SCC. Insurers may reassess the risk, leading to higher costs for coverage. 


As their insurer, Liberty Specialty Markets worked closely with SCC to help mitigate their flood risk – including sensor solutions provided by Previsico. Sensors were placed on-site – on the upstream side of the bridge and other at-risk locations. Liberty then assisted SCC with the creation of a robust emergency response plan (ERP), informed by data and diagnostics from the sensors and with clear actions in place when a flood alert is issued.


Previsico’s Flood Intel Platform was made available through our partnership with Liberty Specialty Markets. As part of the Flood Intel Platform, Previsico installed on-site sensors to monitor the water levels around the site. These have been integrated in multiple locations along the river that runs through the middle of the site and are used operationally to monitor water levels and the debris that can block the low bridge.  

Their access to warnings and data from sensors protect local infrastructure, buildings and equipment from water-related damage and reduces risk of flood-related disruption to production.  

Previsico’s Flood Intel Platform will positively impact the local community by reducing the likelihood of local disruption caused by flooding. Many of the local residents are employees of SCC so these solutions also improve the welfare of employees by minimising the chance of flood-related accidents and disruption for employees but also to the whole community. Taking steps to mitigate their flood risk demonstrates SCC's ethos as a caring and responsible local business. 

Flooding is a major issue for our clients and the insurance industry. This initiative based on the use of sensors connected to Previsico’s flood forecasts is a practical response – one that gives underwriters the confidence they need to provide cover to clients with the added reassurance of tailored alerts and risk engineering support.
Carol BakerHead of Digital Strategy, Liberty Specialist Markets