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Case studies

How Radcliffe Housing proactively mitigated flood impacts during Storm Babet   

Radcliffe Housing Society procured Previsico's Flood Intel Platform via their insurer, Zurich Municipal to effectively manage risk to their assets in Kenley, Croydon.


Radcliffe Housing Society is a registered provider offering a range of rented housing in the areas of Bromley, Croydon, Lambeth, Southwark in London, Hastings, in addition to Tandridge and Tunbridge Wells outside London. Kenley, a suburb of Croydon has experienced significant flooding historically, driven by rainfall runoff from the Kenley Train Station in addition to old drainage infrastructure locally, has affected up to 50 homes in the past.  


To mitigate some of this risk, a balancing pond located next to the development absorbs excess water during heavy rainfall events. However, as debris build up occurs during the year, this pond requires regular maintenance to mitigate the risk; otherwise, properties and the railway line will remain at risk.  


To effectively manage this risk, Radcliffe Housing Society regularly maintains the balancing pond and can respond in an emergency by arriving on site to clear the pond ahead of major events. As part of this process, the team at Radcliffe Housing Society signed up to the Previsico Flood Intel Platform  available via their insurer, Zurich Municipal.  


During Storm Babet, Previsico issued a series of alerts for risks to properties ahead of the event to Radcliffe Housing Society, who were on call and in dialogue with local residents, councillors, and the local council.

Recognising the urgency of the situation, their team swiftly initiated their emergency response protocol. Residents and the local council were promptly notified, and crucially, a contractor was called to the scene at 8a.m. on 24th October to clear the balancing pond. This intervention played a crucial role in preventing any flood to households during the day. Had no action been taken, many homes could have been affected by the flood. Furthermore, disruption to Kenley train station operated by Network Rail was averted. 

Impact on users and the wider community

The incident underscores the effectiveness of Radcliffe Housing Society in using timely and actionable information from Previsico and co-ordinating with other partners, to prevent loss.

By leveraging this advanced technology, Radcliffe Housing Society was able to not only protect their properties, but also contribute to the overall resilience of the community, preventing potential disruptions to essential services like the railway.