About Us

Our mission is to eliminate the majority of flood impacts by providing actionable forecasts to those who need them. This requires continuous innovation through harnessing leading data sources and cutting-edge technology to produce quality forecasts for those at risk of flooding.

Our Story

Our story began in 2001 when Prof. Yu pioneered a 2D flood modelling software called FloodMap, which has become a widely used and cited software by academics and practitioners. In 2014, following devastating floods in Somerset, the Cabinet Office approached Loughborough University to help develop the next generation of flood forecasting technology.

The challenge with existing forecasting technologies is that because every storm is different, hourly changes in weather patterns can cause floods which are not detected using traditional forecasting approaches. Through a series of research projects at Loughborough University, a cutting-edge flood forecasting technology was developed to solve this called FloodMap Live.

This models flooding in real-time using a combination of rainfall nowcasts and forecasts to deliver continuously updated warnings. In 2019, Prof. Yu and Dr Avi Baruch co-founded Previsico as a spin-out from Loughborough University to achieve our mission of preventing avoidable flood impacts globally. With funding from Innovate UK, Loughborough University and Advantage Business Angels, we have rapidly grown to become a global provider of cutting-edge forecasting servicing helping insurers, businesses, governments and humanitarian organisations mitigate flood impacts.

We are a passionate and highly skilled team. Our backgrounds cover academia, business development, flood modelling, programming, GIS analysis, user experience and product development.

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